Sandwiches, rollups, luncheon croissants, Grilled sandwiches


Sandwiches may be selected with a content of:
chicken tarragon
chicken curry
roast beef
or any other cold cut or salad, on a variety of breads & rolls (sourdough, multigrain, croissant, Kaiser rolls, French, etc.) or small rolls (multigrain, rye, pumpernickel, French, challah, sourdough).


Rollups come on plain tortillas. On the tortillas there is hummus, cucumber, carrot, tomatoes, red cabbage and lettuce. Besides vegetables, turkey, ham, cheese, grilled chicken or grilled vegetables may be included in the tortillas.

Luncheon Croissant

All of the croissant sandwiches have American cheese and are stuffed with different fillings such as pepperoni, ham, spinach or broccoli mushroom These sandwiches are best served hot.

Grilled Sandwiches

You can select a variety of sandwiches with American or Swiss cheese and any condiment. Any sandwich taste heavenly when it is grilled. You should eat it right off the grill, when it cools down it is not as tasty.