Most of our pastries are small around 1 to 2 inches, but some of them such as the Choc. Mousse Square and the Junior tarts are 3 to 4 inches. However, all of them are finger licking tasty.

Cup cakes (Cheese, vanilla, chocolate)
Chocolate Dipped strawberry*
Chocolate Mousse square* (Choc. cake with a layer of chocolate Mousse, covered with dark chocolate)
Chocolate Tawer (Choc. Cake with a layer of raspberry Mousse, covered with dark chocolate)
Cream Puff Eclair (mini)*
Junior tarts (fruit, lemon meringue, apple)
Tarts (mini) * (apple, fruit, pecan, cheese, key-lime & chocolate Mousse)
Petit fore
Creme Brule
*indicates popular pastries