Elegance makes cakes for any occasion, such as birthdays, wedding showers, baby showers, anniversary, wedding. Our cakes com in different varieties, shapes and sizes. The size and prices of such cakes are as follows:


7 inches (serves 6 – 8) $26.00 – $33.00
9 inches (serves 12 – 16) $34.00 – $40.00
10 inches (serves 14 – 20) $41.00 – $54.00
11 inches (serves 18 – 25) $47.00 – $60.00
12 inches (serves 23 – 32) $59.00 – $78.00
14 inches (serves 30 – 35) $75.00 – $98.00
16 inches (serves 70 – 80) $118.00 – $160.00

Sheet Cakes
Double layer (2.25″ high)

1/4 sheet cake (serves 18 – 22) $45.00 – $58.00
1/2 sheet cake (serves 30 – 35) $71.00 – $88.00
Full sheet cake (serves 70 – 80) $109.00 – $150.00

All our cakes and pastries are made fresh from scratch on our premises. We try to accommodate our customers with their short notice orders. However, we would like to have at least 48 hours notice.

Angel Food cake (No Cholesterol cake with powder sugar, apricot or raspberry Jam topping)
Apple cake (Chunks of apple in a vanilla batter with arranged apples on
Apricot walnut torte (Dense walnut cake with a layer of apricot on top)
Banana cake (Moist delicious cake with your choice of icing)
Black forest cake (Chocolate cake with a layer of cherry in the middle and whip cream icing)
Boston Cream Pie (two layers of pound cake with a layer of custard)
Budapest coffee cake (Bunt vanilla cake with chocolate Coconut and raisin with fondant drizzling on top)
Carrot cake* (Carrot cake with walnut and raisin, cream cheese icing)
Charlotte Royal (Raspberry jellyroll filled with chocolate mousse)
Cheese cake* (plain or topped with chocolate Drizzle, chocolate Dipped strawberry, piled fruit, raspberry Jam, etc)
Chocolate Cake* (Layer of White/chocolate Butter cream, raspberry Mousse, chocolate Glaze or white butter cream icing)
Chocolate Chip cheese cake (regular cheese cake with chocolate chips through out)
Chocolate chip pound cake* (Layer of butter cream, iced with butter cream and chocolate Glaze drizzling on top)
Chocolate mousse cake (Thin sponge cake filled with chocolate Mousse and covered with chocolate Glaze)
Chocolate peanut butter cheese cake (Chocolate in crust and on top, with peanut butter cheese cake)
Concorde cake (Three layers of chocolate meringue with chocolate mousse, covered with chips of chocolate meringue)
Double chocolate mousse cake* (Two layers of chocolate Mousse and chocolate Cake covered with chocolate Glaze)
Elegance coffee cake* (Delicious Rich cake with different types of fruit through out)
Geniose (Sponge cake with butter cream icing, layer of butter cream or raspberry Jam)
German chocolate cake (Chocolate Cake, layer of German chocolate icing (coconut, pecan, etc.), covered with chocolate Glaze)
Hazelnut torte (Dense hazelnut cake, covered with chocolate glaze)
Hungarian Walnut torte (two layers of apricot walnut cake on top of each other)
Italian Rum cake (Sponge cake with layers of vanilla/rum/custard and chocolate/rum/custard iced with whip cream)
Jelly roll / Log (Rolled sponge cake with your choice of filling, raspberry Jam, chocolate Mousse, etc)
Lemon pound Cake (lemon bunt cake)
Mamie pound cake (swirl of chocolate in a vanilla cake with your choice of icing)
Orange Bunt* (Orange bunt cake with a sugar glaze and mandarin oranges around the top)
Pound cake* (Vanilla cake with different layers such as, raspberry Mousse, raspberry Jam, chocolate Mousse, Butter cream)
Pumpkin cheese cake (Gingersnap crust with lighter cheese cake and nuts on top)
Sacher torte (Dense chocolate cake with a layer of raspberry jam and cherry liquor, iced with chocolate glaze)
Spice cake (Bunt cake with lots of spices)
Strawberry short cake* (Sponge cake, layer of strawberry and whip cream, iced with whip cream)
Succes (Three layers of meringue filled with caramelized almond butter cream)
Trimasu (Layers of sponge cake with layers of coffee, custard, mascarpone cheese, with whip cream icing)

*indicates popular cakes