How to Order

  1. Order time. While we appreciate one day advance notice in normal situations, in hardship circumstances, call us anytime we will recruit all our resources to accommodate you at any instant.
  2. Minimum Orders. Our minimum order is $100.00. Prices quoted on this website are for catering orders above the minimum order.  Caterings under the minimum order are charged extra.
  3. Cancellation. For orders placed at least a day in advance, there is no charge if cancellation is made by 6:00 PM on day before catering. For same day catering, if cancellation is made at least two hours in advance there is no charge. All other cancellations are subject to 50% charge.
  4. Delivery Charge. There is a $5 delivery charge for every five mile radius; thus, $10 for delivery at 10 mile radius and so forth.
  5. Payment. You can pay on delivery day with any major credit cards, personal checks or business checks, or cash, or we can set up a credit account and get paid within 30 days.